Da Vinci Website

Styrofoam, string, blue and yellow ribbon, yellow acrylic paint, art block, red crepe paper

Glue, scissors, pencil, brush, hot glue gun, hole puncher, marker

Trim the bottom.

Shred the red crepe paper.

Punch 2 holes at the bottom of the cone.

Tie a knot on the string and insert into the punched hole.

Paint the shapes in yellow

Use the hot glue gun to attach them at the top of the cone.

Finally, place the cone on the car’s antenna. Secure the cone using the strings.

Roll the art block into a cone and glue it.

Draw gap line for the crepe paper.

Apply glue on the cone and stick the shredded paper.

On top of the Styrofoam, draw the crescent and star looking like the Jalur Gemilang. Cut out the shapes.

Glue the star and the crescent together.

Stick the ribbons at the tip of cone to decorate.

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