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Paper Flower

Prepare all the materials as shown in the picture: A paper cup, plasticine, sequins, glue, scissors, a straw, coloured paper, colour pencils, poster colours, brushes, a pencil and some double-sided tape.

Paint the outside of the cup with brown poster colours and let it dry.

Use colour pencils of the same shade as the coloured papers and draw some outlines or veins on the flowers and leaves.

Roll a ball of plasticine and insert it into the paper cup.

Bend the straw as shown in the picture.

Then stick both ends of the straw together with the double sided tape.

Insert the round end of a pencil into the ball of plasticine to poke a hole in it.

If you wish, glue sequins onto the flower pot for decoration.

Cut triangles out of the top of the papercup as shown in the picture.

While the cup dries, draw a flower on 2 pieces of different coloured papers of your choice, and draw a pair of leaves on a piece of green coloured paper.

Cut out the leaves and the flowers. Remember to cut out a hole in the middle of the flowers too.

Place the two flowers back to back, and insert a straw through the holes.

Cut out a small piece of double sided tape and tape it on the straw as shown.

Slide in the leaves between each half of the straw, sliding them down to the join you just made.

Insert the whole straw which is now connecting the flowers and leaves into the plasticine hole.

A pretty flower pot is ready! You can even use your fingers to make each part of the flower turn like a wheel.

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