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Prepare all the materials as shown in the picture: a plain T-shirt, a paintbrush, fabric pens, fabric paints, a pallette, a water container and a piece of thick cardboard.

We're going to do an elephant design. Using the paintbrush and fabric paint, paint a square onto your palm.

Using your index finger and more paint, give the elephant a trunk.

Using a fabric pen, add eyes, ears and other features to your elephant.

In this design, the elephant has a bunch of balloons. Print colourful thumbprints onto the T-shirt.

Using the fabric pen, add strings to the balloons and write your message down.

There are other designs to try too using your hand and finger prints. Have fun exploring!

Slip the T-shirt over the board so the front doesn't stain the back.

Press your palm down onto the T-shirt to print the square onto the cloth.

Use the tip of your little finger to add legs and the tip of the tail.

Dab green spots onto the T-shirt for grass.

Add yellow fingerprints as a background for a message later.

You now have a finished and personalised T-shirt.

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