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CNY Card

Prepare all the materials as shown in the picture: red, orange and white paper, double-sided tape, pens, pencils, a blade, yellow yarn, a pair of scissors, an eraser and a pair of googly eyes.

Place the red shape on top of the white paper.

Cut the shapes out with scissors.

Fold down the tab on the chicken's body.

Place the chicken's body on the red shape so it stands up with the tab flat on the paper.

Take the yellow yarn and glue or tape it down in a pile to create a nest around the chicken.

Glue on the googlie eyes.

Fold the beak in half to make a crease, and then fold one edge into the other. You should now have a little cone.

Slot the chicken's head onto its body.

Fix the comb into the chicken's head.

Glue or tape the wings onto the chicken.

Write your message with coloured pens, and glue or tape it onto the card.

Draw a large peanut or 8-shape on the red paper, and cut it out.

On another sheet of white paper, draw the shapes as shown in the picture. This will be the chicken's body.

Don't forget to add a red comb and an orange triangle for the beak!

Cut a slot near the rounded edge. This is where the neck will go.

Glue the tab down so the chicken will stand up properly.

Cut a slit at the bottom of the chicken's head, right in the centre.

Cut a small slit in the bottom edge of the chicken's beak.

Glue the folded beak to the chicken.

Cut a slit in the comb.

With the blunt end of a pencil, curl the round end of each wing.

Using brown and orange paper, create a place to write your message.

Now your chicken is ready to welcome in the New Year.

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