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Handkerchief Cup Cake

Prepare all the materials as shown in the picture: decoration ball (big & small), cotton wool, foam paper, hot glue gun, handkerchief, sequins, scissors, gift wrapping paper, recycle ice-cream cup, glue, double sided tape, ruler and pencil.

Wrap the ice-cream cup with gift wrap paper by using double sided tape.

Attach the small decoration ball on top of the cup.

Attach two handkerchiefs together and roll them up.

Draw the leave shape by using magic pen.

Glue the cotton wool in the middle of the top part.

Glue sequins surround the top part of the handkerchief.

Draw a rectangle shape on the wrapping paper and cut it out.

Trim the extra part on the top & the bottom part.

Fold two handkerchiefs to two layers separately.

Apply glue at the bottom of the handkerchief in order to stick it in the ice-cream cup.

Cut the leave shape according to the line, then stick the leave on top of the handkerchief with hot glue.

Glue the decoration ball on top of cotton wool.

Now you have a beautiful handkerchief cup cake. You can give it to your parents or friend as a gift.
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