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Chinese New Year Pom Pom Sheep

Materials : 
Crepe paper, felt, coloured paper, thread/wool, glitter glue, UHU glue, marker, pencil, gold marker pen, staple, scissor, googley eyes.

Cut all folded corners of the crepe paper.

Trim both edges into a curve.

Tie 2 knots in the middle with a red

Using a yellow felt cloth, trace and cut out a sheep’s head.

Apply some glitter glue and cut out the Chinese hat according to the pencil outline.

Secure the loops/hair with staple.

Prepare some cute yellow felt sheep’s legs.

There you go! A cute and cuddly Pom Pom Sheep!

Cut crepe paper into half.

Fold the crepe paper repeatedly.

Cut 2 “v” shapes in the middle facing each other. Make sure to leave a gap uncut in between!

Time to make it fluffy! Open up the crepe paper to look like a fluffy ball.

Draw some curvy or floral patterns on the traced Chinese hat using gold marker on a red paper.

Make three loops using a red thread for the sheep's hair.

Stick the hair, hat and googling eyes onto the felt sheep’s head with glue.

Lastly, attach the head and legs onto the fluffy body with glue.
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