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Prepare all the materials as shown on the picture: A paper plate, double-sided tape, scissors, glue, coloured paper, a pencil, a blade, two wooden or bamboo chopsticks and poster colours.

With poster colour, apply a layer of light brown to the back of the plate. Do not colour on the circles.

Cut out the trapezium with scissors.

Cut out the wavy shapes with scissors.

You will have materials as shown on the picture if they are done correctly.

Using the blade again, poke a small hole on the top of the red trapezium...

On the front of the paper plate, paste a strip of double-sided tape exactly down the middle from one end to another end.

Fix the red trapezium on the chopstick using the two small holes that you have made just now.

On the back of the paper plate, draw 6 circles as shown on the picture.

Draw a trapezium on a piece of red coloured paper.

On a piece of yellow colored paper, draw a trapezium of similar size, and then draw some wavy lines on the shape as shown on the picture.

Paste the yellow cut-outs on the red trapezium.

With a blade, poke a small hole on the middle of the plate as shown in the picture.

...and also on the bottom, below the first hole. Make sure both holes are on the centre line of the trapezium!

Fold the plate in the middle so that the double-sided tape sticks to itself. Then, poke a chopstick into the middle of the folded plate.

Here you go: a simple and creative sailing ship.

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