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Prepare all the materials as shown i.e an old glove, scissors, ribbon, brush, glue, string, thread, bells, doll eyes and colors.

Insert the paper into the glove.

Tie up the glove with thread.

For the hair, loop together short pieces of string.

Fold the glove's top down onto the hair and glue it down.

Cut a ribbon and tie it into a bow.

Use a tissue and some poster paint to put some ‘make up’ on the doll.

There you are. It’s a girl doll!

Get a piece of paper and shape it into a ball.

Insert the bells into the glove.

Glue down the middle finger as shown.

Tie 4-5 loops of string onto the glove with more string.

Glue the eyes onto the glove.

Trim the ribbon before sticking it onto the ‘hat’ with glue.

Draw a mouth using a brush.

You can make a boy doll too!

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