Da Vinci Website

Papers, Card, Cardboard, Paint, Green Paper, Brown Pipe Cleaner

PVC glue, Scissors, Pencil, Clips, Brush

Lay shape on a stack of papers and cut the stack of papers according to shape. Make sure the stack is not too thick. You may trace shape with a pencil on the paper stack as a manual to cut.

Stack all the papers together with the red cards on top and bottom.

Apply PVC glue on the spine and wait to dry out.

Cut out shape of leaf from the green paper.

Apply sufficient glue on one side of the brown pipe cleaner.

Finally, spread open the pages in a 360 degree.

Draw out the shape of half an apple on the cardboard. Cut it out.

Repeat step 2 for the white cards. Prepare 2 pieces will do.

Next, paint the cards red and let it dry.

Hold the papers temporarily with clothes pegs.

Paint the edges of the papers red.

Write down your lovable words to your teacher.

Glue the leaf on the brown pipe cleaner.

An apple for your teacher!

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