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Materials: Toilet Paper Roll (1pc), Old baby sock (1pc), Felt (for scarf & nose), 2 small buttons, Pom Pom Balls, White Acrylic Paint, Small sponge, Permanent Black Marker, Hot Glue Gun

Cut off the top of the sock to make a hat.

Twist an elastic band onto the top of the hat.

Use a black marker to draw eyes and mouth.

Cut out a long stripe from red felt and glue the scarf onto the snowman's body.

For ear muffs, cut a pipe cleaner to the length you needed, then hot glue it into place and you’re done! Have Fun!

Paint the toilet paper roll with white paint, and allow it to dry completely.

Cut the rounded edge of the hat into pieces of stripes.

Pull the sock onto the top of the toilet paper roll, glue it and decorate with pom pom ball.

For nose, cut a small semi-circle from orange felt and make into a cone shape and glue onto the snowman’s body.

Decorate your snowman by sticking sequins & buttons onto snowman's scarf.
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