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Valentine Sweets Basket

Materials : 
Paper with drawn template, Felt cloths (2 colours), Flower props, UHU glue, Scissor, Ribbon, Staple

Staple paper onto felt and cut the felt following the shape of the paper.

Fold the felt with paper into half. Cut the felt with following the lines on the paper template.

Fold both felts into half and start weaving the two pieces of felt together.

Cut the ribbon and glue it on the heart shape basket.

Lastly, don't forget to throw in some sweets or chocolates before you hand out these lovey dovey baskets to your loved one!

Cut according to the drawn shape.

Make sure to have two different colour felts to show contrast.

Remove the printed paper from felt once done cutting.

Glue the edges of the weaved heart shape once done.

Decorate the heart basket with a flower prop with glue.
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