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Snowman Candle Shade

Materials: A4 paper, A4 Black Paper, Fabric Scrap, Orange Felt (small piece), Double Sided Tape, Staple, Scissors, Cutter, Red Pastel/Cheek Blush, Black Marker.

Draw eyes, mouth and apple pink blush for the Snowman.

Use a small piece of orange felt, cut into a triangle shape for the nose.

Fold the A4 black paper and cut into half.

Trace 2 circles on a piece of A4 black paper.

Place the ‘doughnut’ shape onto the cylinder crown.

Place the hat on the Snowman’s head.

Place it on the Snowman’s hat and tie a bow.

Fold the A4 paper into two.

Roll the paper and staple it to form a cylinder shape.

Stick it onto the body.

Use a piece of half black paper, roll and staple to form a cylinder shape.

Cut the larger circle and then the small circle to have a ‘doughnut’ shape.

Cut the notches around cylinder crown about 1-2cm length, fold out nothces on the brim end of the crown cylinder. Glue with UHU or double-sided tape.

Take a piece of fabric stripe and trim accordingly.

Tada! Here’s a little Snowman candle light burning bright!
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