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Systematic Progress
The lessons are designed and planned with a progressing nature in complexity. From arranging art materials on the table, to the foundation of art, to the complexity of colour study or combinations of objects are some of the systematic approach of this programme.
Comprehensive Art Development
Children will not only learn about drawing and colouring, but they will discover a comprehensive art exploration like no other, including art history knowledge, colour study, design concept and creative development are nurtured in the programme.
Qualified & Inspiring Teachers
All teachers of this programme will be equipped with the necessary art background and will have to go through the extensive DaVinci comprehensive training before coming in contact with children.
Spice-It-Up With Crafts
Fun and stimulating arts and crafts are integrated to the syllabus for a sense of discovery and excitement. Utilising recycled materials in craft activities help instil children with environment-friendly awareness.
Building A Creative Mind
A syllabus that provides flexibility to children to explore. The nature of programme and classroom culture encourages them to be brave in applying new ideas through art lessons. This will shape the problem solving and decision making skills of children.
Holistic Personal Development
Children receive total development in terms of cognitive, physical, emotional, social and artistic aspects through art lessons of varied broadness and depth which include technical-and knowledge-based information.
World-Class Workbook System
Your children will be given real guidance of practical substance. The workbook will have no shortcuts, no dotted-lines, and no tracing works. Instead, the creative development book, combined with step-by-step drawing guidance from the teachers will ensure quality, result-oriented learning.
Real Transformation
The outcome-oriented syllabus is focused on real advancement in multiple aspects. This is evident through the clear before-and-after transformation of student artworks and creative confidence.
Score "A" Formula
The practical art skills and knowledge emphasised in the syllabus ultimately equips students with the ability to perform excellently in their school art subject.
International-standard Syllabus
Da Vinci Children Art & Drawing Syllabus is a result of 5-year extensive research on children art by a group of professional art educationalist, combining 15 years’ relevant experience from The One Academy.
Child-focused Pedagogy
Teachers for this programme are trained to go the extra mile. Other than guiding and communicating effectively with children, teachers will also inspire and motivate children to unleash their creativity to the fullest.
Mastering Art Through Logic
The syllabus trains children to analyse the basic components of drawing and colouring that form a painting. This way, children will have an idea on how to start composing a painting.
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